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Expeditie in Tara de Foc Argentina
Tierra del Fuego -
14 days - 3200 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_002 Kenya - Mombasa
Mombasa - Safari
Amboseli, Tsavo
11 days - 1990 Eur

Circuit Chile - Argentina Chile - Argentina
Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Santiago
20 days - 3800 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_003 Kenya - Lamu Island
Safari: Masai Mara, Nakuru - Plaja: Lamu
14 days - 2990 Eur

Insula Pastelui si Peru - Extreme Travel Peru & Easter Island
Machu Picchu, Cusco
24 days - 3900 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_007 Trekking Kenya
Mount Kenya - Safari
14 days - 3200 Eur


Expeditie Peru - Extreme Travel Best of Peru:
Machu Picchu, Cusco
Nazca, Titicaca
16 days - 2800 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_005 Kenya Climbing
Mount Kenya, Batian, Nelion+ Safari+Lamu
14 days - 3700 Eur

Venezuela - Best of Venezuela best of:
Andes mts, Angel Falls, Los Roques
14 days - 3990 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_006 Tanzania Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Serengeti, Ngoron..
17 days - 3500 Eur

CUBA - Tur Complet Cuba - no secrets
complete tour
Trinidad, Havana, etc
20 days - 2500 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_008 Luxury Tanzania
Zanzibar,  Serengeti Ngorongoro
14 days - 3990 Eur

Noua Zeelanda Brazil
Iguacu, Amazon,
Salvador, Rio
16 days - 3500 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_009 Tanzania Safari
Lake Manyara
Serengeti, Zanzibar
14 days - 3100 Eur


Did you know that only in 1974 was first allowed foreign tourists in Bhutan...


Continent: Asia
Country: Kingdom of Bhutan

Bhutan expedition
Culture and tradition in the heart of Himalayas

Difficulty: low

Group size: 4-12
Duration: 14 days

Price: 4500 Euro


  • Bhutan - Expedition in Bhutan


    Days 1 and 2
    Flight to Delhi.
    The next day flight to Bagdogra in West Bengal state, then to the border with the kingdom of Bhutan Phuntsoling - Dragon Country. Entry formalities for visa.
    Accommodation Phuntsoling.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Day 3
    Thimphu (2350m), the capital. Near Phuntsoling, we visit the monastery Kharbanda gompa, founded in 1967 by royal house.
    We follow the river Wangchu Chuzom then we continue along the Thimphu river.
    The road leaves the plains and begins to climb the teak forests to reach Chapcha Pass (2900m). From here we can admire the entire gorge Wangchu until the plains of the plains of Bengal. We cross the small settlements created during road construction in 1968.
    We have lunch en route and will arrive in Thimphu in the afternoon. Optional free time or can visit the city.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Day 4
    We leave early morning, so we can enjoy clear, to Punakha, the ancient capital and winter residence of Kempo Jey (the country's religious leader, the second person in the kingdom, the king). Along the way you see Simtokha Dzong, one of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan, built in 1629, now a monastic school.
    We climb to Dochu (3150m), in a forest of rhododendrons that bloom in spring. The road climbs quickly in a long series of switchbacks and from place to place have spectacular panoramic view points to the Himalayas. If the clarity of the atmosphere is good, we have a chance to admire Gangkhar Puensum (7541m), highest peak in the country. Follows a long descent (1700M altitude), in Punakha valleys and Lobeysa (1350m), which enjoys a tropical microclimate where citrus plantations, bananas and cactus. We head to the confluence of Mo Chu rivers where we meet Dzong fortress monastery. We will install at the hotel, from bazaars and we visit the small monastery we admire. This night can be spent however and Punakha.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Day 5
    Morning departure to the center of Bhutan. We cross the river and then go up Chuzomsa Black Mountains. The valley is very narrow and the houses are placed above the fields on steep slopes. Gradually the houses and the road raresc going through a dense forest of oaks, then giant rhododendrons. We will soon reach Pel้ step where abundant bamboo dwarf yacilor favorite food. Phobjikh valley suddenly discover the 3000m, one of the few glacial valleys in Bhutan. This beautiful valley is home to many species of birds protected by harsh winters here Tibetan.
    Reach Gangtey Gompa, Nyingmapa monastery most of Bhutan, built on a hilltop overlooking the valley. In the village below is faithful families who care for the monastery.
    Afternoon tour of this wonderful valley surrounded by forests of Rhododendron, one of the most beautiful in Bhutan. In the middle of the valley, on marshy ground, was built in the fifteenth century monastery Khewang small.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Day 6
    Early morning walk down the valley and then departure to Bhutan Central (6-7 hours walking). Nikkarchu bridge crossing, enter the district of Trongsa, pass by picturesque villages, monasteries, fortresses and in the afternoon we arrive at Jakar (2600m), located in the valley Bhumtang.
    Type of accommodation: in Lodge

    Day 7
    Hiking in the valley we pass through hamlets Bhumtang small visit sacred temples full of religious treasures where legends are still alive: Kurje, Jambey Lhakhang, Tamshing, Nyimalung ...
    Evening reantoarcere to Jakar.
    Type of accommodation: in Lodge

    Day 8-9
    Tang valley early morning route, the Mebartsho called "burning lake", a river gorge in boiling Tang. We reantoarcem to Jakar, then go to Prakka Naktshang, a picturesque village perched on a small plateau, the village with strong historical resonance. Continue the Nyingma monastery Nyimalung. It was founded in 1938 by a Tibetan monk, Trulku like. This monastery, which houses hundreds of monks are renowned for the quality of education provided and the virtuosity of its musicians customers.
    Continue to visit the royal palace Domkhar Tashichoeling, built as a summer residence.
    From here go down to the little temple Buli, then up the mountain, you can see buildings Tharpaling monastery or convent and even Choedrak above, but in both access is difficult.
    In September afternoon, we head to Punakha.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Day 10
    In the morning, back to Thimphu. Before leaving the valley, a small walking tour of the house Chime, where a few monks still living. The monastery is mostly frequented by women who can not have children and who come on pilgrimage.
    Arriving in Thimphu for lunch.
    Afternoon city tour: lively bazaar, paintings, Memorial Chorten, sculptures, monuments raised in memory of the third king of Bhutan Wangchuk Dorje.
    Visits are subject to the program is not always clear.
    Visit Drubthob (or Thangthong Dewachen) a community of sixty nuns, where we have a great view over the valley.
    Changangkha discover temple, dating from the fifteenth century, the National Library contains valuable manuscripts, and the School of painting. Walk on the square with many shops, boutiques and handicraft centers.
    Depending on time of year are established by local guides who can visit tourist attractions.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Day 11
    Early morning we leave for Paro, Ha valley opened by tourism in 2004. We pass through several villages which Bitekha prinre then Ha. In the north valley bordering the Tibetan region Chumbii. Trade between the two countries led to an active and prosperous life. Visiting villages and temples such as Potrang Lhakhang and Lhakhang Nagpo built in the seventh century Songtsen Gampo by Tibetan king.
    The central Dzong (fortress) occupied by the Indian army, which supports military Bhutan can not be visited.
    We continue to Paro. The road passes through beautiful forest then up Chele (3900m) where we can enjoy some famous some tips: Jomolhari, Jichu Drakye and Kangchenjunga.  Start the descent, the road we stop at the monastery of nuns Kila, the oldest nunnery in the country.
    Arrival at Paro afternoon.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Day 12
    Paro Valley revelation, then we walk to Taktsang "Tiger's Nest." Chapel hanging off a cliff, is one of the places most venerated pilgrimage in the Himalayan world. Each inhabitant of Bhutan is bound to make this pilgrimage at least once in his life. The site was founded in the eighth century by Guru Rinpoche.
    Passes by several groups of prayer flags, in fact ubiquitous in Bhutan. The climb is not easy, but the effort is richly rewarded!
    In descending we pass the city Drukyel Dzong. Jomolhari observed in the distance (7316 m), the goddess Jomo sacred mountain, which marks the border with Tibet. The fortress was built in 1647 on a rocky spur, to protect the valley from invasions from the north.
    When returning your visit Dzong, an ancient observatory, now the National Museum, where you can learn different aspects of history and culture of the country's traditional Dragon. Also visit Kyichu small monastery, another highly respected pilgrimage site, located near the hotel.
    Accommodation type: hotel

    Days 1:14 p.m.
    Morning transfer to airport: police and customs formalities
    (Warning: anything purchased outside the old official shop would be confiscated!)
    Flight to Delhi. On a nice weather we have a chance to see some famous peaks: Jichu Drakye, Kangchenjunga, Everest ....
    On arrival at Delhi transfer to hotel, then day off.
    Later that evening, back to the airport for boarding formalities to home.

    The price includes:

    • Tickets for domestic and international flights
    • Airport taxes
    • Transfers + automobiles
    • English - French speaking guide throughout the journey
    • Accommodation in double room
    • Meals (HB)

    Price does not include:

    • Entrance fees to museums and reserves
    • Supplement for single room 350 euros
    • Other activities than those included in the program
    • Other meals than those included in program

    Price is calculated for the EUR / USD> = 1.35.
    Price is calculated for individual registration in terms of forming a group of minimum 6 people.
    For group registrations (more than 4 people) - special offers

    WARNING: any old object acquired outside formal shops would be confiscated!

  • Price details
  • Bhutan map

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