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Seven Summits


Adventure - Safari

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Famous Summits

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Expeditie in Tara de Foc Argentina
Tierra del Fuego -
14 days - 3200 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_002 Kenya - Mombasa
Mombasa - Safari
Amboseli, Tsavo
11 days - 1990 Eur

Circuit Chile - Argentina Chile - Argentina
Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Santiago
20 days - 3800 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_003 Kenya - Lamu Island
Safari: Masai Mara, Nakuru - Plaja: Lamu
14 days - 2990 Eur

Insula Pastelui si Peru - Extreme Travel Peru & Easter Island
Machu Picchu, Cusco
24 days - 3900 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_007 Trekking Kenya
Mount Kenya - Safari
14 days - 3200 Eur


Expeditie Peru - Extreme Travel Best of Peru:
Machu Picchu, Cusco
Nazca, Titicaca
16 days - 2800 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_005 Kenya Climbing
Mount Kenya, Batian, Nelion+ Safari+Lamu
14 days - 3700 Eur

Venezuela - Best of Venezuela best of:
Andes mts, Angel Falls, Los Roques
14 days - 3990 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_006 Tanzania Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Serengeti, Ngoron..
17 days - 3500 Eur

CUBA - Tur Complet Cuba - no secrets
complete tour
Trinidad, Havana, etc
20 days - 2500 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_008 Luxury Tanzania
Zanzibar,  Serengeti Ngorongoro
14 days - 3990 Eur

Noua Zeelanda Brazil
Iguacu, Amazon,
Salvador, Rio
16 days - 3500 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_009 Tanzania Safari
Lake Manyara
Serengeti, Zanzibar
14 days - 3100 Eur


Did you know that despite its size, China has only one time zone, GMT +8

Discover China

Continent: Asia
Country: China

China Shipping
Yunnan province

Difficulty: low

Group size: 4-12
Length: 17zile

Price: 2500 Euro

  • China - Yunnan - route

    China - Discover the Tibetan civilization from Yunnan Province

    Yunnan is the southern province which borders Tibet to the north-west, Myanmar to the west, Laos to south Vietnam in Southeast Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang - Autonomous Region in the east.
    The provinces are scattered along the 26 ethnic minorities, so that almost every major city in the provinces (cities, such as Baoshan, Chuxiong, Dali, Dehong, Honghua, Lijiang, Lincang, Nujiang, Qujing, Ruili, Shangri-La , Simao, Wenshan, Xishuangbanna, Yuxi and Zhongdian) - is the capital of one or more ethnic group sites, each with its habits distinctive and colorful folk.
    But the most invaluable "Landmark" in the province of Yunnan is undoubtedly its beautiful landscape and rich natural amazingly diverse, which leave the viewer speechless.

    Days 1 and 2: Flight to Kunming
    Flight Bucharest - Kunming, capital of Yunnan (1897m).

    Day 3: Kunming - Dali
    Automobiles (5h) until Dali town, at the foot of Cang Shan (1900m). We will discover the old town which still retains important focus of the minority "baths", despite the presence of a large number of local tourists. In the afternoon we will climb the Cang Shan mountain slopes lift which is built on top of Zhung HE monastery, where we admire the beautiful view of Lake Erhai, stretching from north to south. Accommodation at the hotel.

    Day 4: Dali - Shaxi
    Once Bai and Naxi minorities weekly get together of all the neighboring villages, Shaping the market. The market usually takes place on Monday. Erhai Lake bypassing, we see several villages in the beautiful architecture of Bai (white) with their curved roofs. Go to Shaxi, ancient crossroads of tea along the way. Accommodation in a guest house.

    Day 5: Shaxi - Zhongdian (3300m)
    Visit the small town of Jianchuan then continue the trip by car to Zhongdian (3300m), Kham's to you, the mountains inhabited by the Yi minority. First sight "stupas" We announce the arrival of the Tibetan plateau heights. Upon arrival, we take a short stroll through the fields and villages to the great city Lamaist Songzhaling, the first major monastery in Kham. This monastery belongs to the Gelugpa sect, housing a community of 600 monks. Accommodation at the hotel.

    Day 6: Zhongdian
    Walk in the heart of Tibetan villages to the monastery Ringha. Visit the monastery. Upon returning to town we visit the old town. Accommodation at the hotel.

    Day 7: Zhongdian - Haba (2600m)
    Bai Shui Tai transfer (white water terraces), named by explorer Bacot, "Vatican ethnic Naxi." Walk through magnificent limestone terraces. Haba village and then transfer by car. Accommodation at the inn.

    Day 8: Haba
    Haba is a great composition of the population. Here cohabits with villagers Naxi ethnic Hui Muslims. On the heights around ξndγrγtnicii Yis living, forest owners. Along the main road we will find traders Han.
    We'll walk through meadows and pine forests of Haba Mountain (5398m), Yis montanirzilor house. Accommodation in hostels.

    Day 9: Haba - Village Heka - Tiger Gorge
    Trip to the south where we meet Tiger, a tributary of the Yangtze River near the village of Heka. Visit Tiger keys. Accommodation in hostels.

    Day 10: Tiger Gorge
    Walk on paths suspended between mountains Haba (5398m) and Yulong Shan (5596m). Along the route are irrigation canals, dug by the ethnic Naxi. Accommodation in hostels.

    Day 11: Quiaotou - Lijiang
    We go on a trail on the Tiger Leaping Gorge, a deep cut between the mountains, to Quiaotou. Transfer to Lijiang. Accommodation at the hotel.

    Day 12: Lijiang
    Lijiang Naxi minority is the capital. The town lies at the foot of Jade Dragon (Yulong Xue Shan), whose altitude is 5596 meters. Lijiang is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Yunnan province. We visit the old town. Predominantly inhabited by Naxi, who came from Tibet before the eighth century, the city is located in a basin surrounded by small villages and dominated by Mount Jade Dragon. We will also visit, Black Dragon pond. Accommodation at the hotel.

    Day 13: Lijiang - Wenham (4 hours drive)
    We continue our journey with a visit to Baisha Dabaoji Palace. Then through a pine forest to the village of Wenham (2400m). Accommodation in a house of Naxi villagers.

    Day 14: Wenham - Lake Lash (4:30 walk) - Lijiang
    Trip to Lake Lash. Transfer to Lijiang. Free time. Accommodation at the hotel.

    Day 15: Lijiang - Kunming
    Flight to Kunming (1897m) in the morning. Afternoon free in the city. Accommodation at the hotel.

    Days 16 and 17: Kunming - home

    The price includes:

    • Flight tickets for domestic and international flights
    • Airport taxes
    • Transfers + automobiles
    • English - French speaking guide throughout the journey
    • Accommodation in double room
    • Meals (HB)

    Price does not include:

    • Entrance fees to museums and reserves
    • Supplement for single room 200 euros
    • Other activities than those included in the program
    • Other meals than those included in program

    Price is calculated for the EUR / USD <= 1.35.
    Price is calculated for individual registration in terms of forming a group of minimum 6 people.
    For group registrations (more than 4 people) - special offers

  • Price details
  • China Map

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