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Expeditie in Tara de Foc Argentina
Tierra del Fuego -
14 days - 3200 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_002 Kenya - Mombasa
Mombasa - Safari
Amboseli, Tsavo
11 days - 1990 Eur

Circuit Chile - Argentina Chile - Argentina
Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Santiago
20 days - 3900 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_003 Kenya - Lamu Island
Safari: Masai Mara, Nakuru - Plaja: Lamu
14 days - 2990 Eur

Insula Pastelui si Peru - Extreme Travel Peru & Easter Island
Machu Picchu, Cusco
22 days - 3990 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_007 Trekking Kenya
Mount Kenya - Safari
14 days - 3200 Eur


Expeditie Peru - Extreme Travel Best of Peru:
Machu Picchu, Cusco
Nazca, Titicaca
16 days - 3200 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_005 Kenya Climbing
Mount Kenya, Batian, Nelion+ Safari+Lamu
14 days - 3700 Eur

Venezuela - Best of Venezuela best of:
Andes mts, Angel Falls, Los Roques
14 days - 3990 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_006 Tanzania Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Serengeti, Ngoron..
17 days - 3500 Eur

CUBA - Tur Complet Cuba - no secrets
complete tour
Trinidad, Havana, etc
15-17days- 2500 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_008 Luxury Tanzania
Zanzibar,  Serengeti Ngorongoro
14 days - 3990 Eur

Noua Zeelanda Brazil
Iguacu, Amazon,
Salvador, Rio
16 days - 3500 Eur

Africa_Kenya_small_009 Tanzania Safari
Lake Manyara
Serengeti, Zanzibar
14 days - 3100 Eur


Did you know that Angel Falls with 939m, is the highest waterfall in the world ...


Continent: South America
Country: Venezuela

expedition Venezuela
Andes Mountains, Angel Falls
Archipelago Los Roqest

Difficulty: low

Group size: 4-12
Length: 14 days

Price: 3990 Euro

  • Venezuela - Route Details

    Venezuela BEST OF - Adventure Travel
    Andes Mountains, Angel Falls and Los Roques archipelago

    Day 1-2: Caracas
    Flight to Caracas. Welcome to Venezuela! The first night in a hotel along the Caribbean coast.

    Day 3: Caracas - Merida
    Andean capital flight to Merida, a historic colonial city. Visit the city. Finish off with a view of the Chama River valley where parapantele soar to 1,000 feet above the canyon. Overnight accommodation in one of the Andean pensions are in the area.

    Day 4: Merida
    Explore the region with a walk but optional on the highest and longest cable transport facility in the world the world! From the top you can admire the snowy mountains, glaciers and fields of sugar cane and coffee. Eagle Pass visit the highest paved road in Venezuela located at 4047 meters altitude and biological research station where you can see the Andean Condor, one of the largest birds in the world, with a scale of three feet. Accommodation on a farm.

    Day 5: Merida to Los Frailes
    We start early morning to discover Mucuchies small town that was founded in 1596 by the Spanish settlement on the site of pre-Hispanic Chama Indian tribe. At the roadside stands we find objects forged by Andean artisans. Those interested are opportunities for trekking or riding loose in the ice lakes. Overnight accommodation at Hotel Los Frailes, a world-class mountain inn built on the site of a Franciscan monastery in the 17th century.

    Day 6: Merida
    Today we visit Laguna Mucubajν one of the largest of more than 200 glacial lakes in the State of Mιrida. Trekking or horseback ride to Laguna Negra observing the incredible variety of flowers and mountain vegetation. With little chance we can see only high altitude hummingbird and eagle Gryphus - Andean Condor. Overnight accommodation at La Mucunuy a colonial farm which recently won the international architectural prize.

    Day 7: Merida to Canaima National Park
    On the morning of this day we fly to Canaima in the south, over the massive "tepuis" specific flat top mountains of Venezuela. After a short canoe ride on the river Carro, we arrive at Camp Ucaima, ideally situated on the river near the waterfall Hachi. From this view we have three parties to giant Auyantepui tepuis and in the distance, where Angel waterfall cascading down. Here you will find abundant wildlife, including jaguars, monkeys, toucans, osprey and royal herons. Accommodation are in "Cabanas" comfortable with private bathrooms.

    Day 8 and 9: Canaima National Park
    Today you can choose from optional excursions and relax in peaceful surroundings of Camp Ucaima following that night to go to Salto Angel - Angel Falls, highest waterfall in the world with a fall of 939 meters. Cascade was discovered in 1936 by Jimmy Angel, an American pilot to explore the eccentric. Optionally you can fly over water fall. Another great trip is a day trip to Kavak Canyon, one of the narrow canyons in the world. Guided by local Indians, you surf and swim through the canyon to the waterfall hidden Kavak. Park is also habitat Pemon Indians, so you will see a small settlement with housing type "churuata" mud and straw, virtually unchanged for thousands of years. You can explore the countryside of southern Venezuela half a day traveling to Sapo Falls with motorized canoes Once here you will live a unique experience swimming behind the waterfall. Then you can visit to see El Cano Moroco Venado (deer) and he Zamuro (eagle).

    Day 10: Canaima National Park - Los Roques
     A flight through our Caracas Los Roques Archipelago will lead to more than 365 islands or "Cayo" located at about 100km off the coast of northern Venezuela. Warm waters, azure coral reefs are full of that house countless exotic fish waiting to be discovered by divers or fishermen. You can prepare diving at any level of training. Archipelago National Park was designated in all areas where you can practice scuba diving, the number is limited to 10 divers, so you get an intimate sense of immersion in water untouched. Most often, you'll be the only diver in the area. Visibility can reach about 35 meters. The coral wall at Cayo Sal, you can take a break inside a cavern 30 meters and to admire tens of thousands of fish that swim among coral castles. Or you can opt for a free trip to "Cayo" wilderness nearby where you can have - of course under an umbrella, lunch, or a cold drink. The archipelago is a paradise for fishermen who wish to windsurf but do not be bored because here there is a windsurf club that rents equipment and offers training courses for beginners. The hostel accommodation is simple but in comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and fans in the ceiling. Optional excursions are easily arranged through the guesthouse.

     Day 11 - Day 12: Los Roques
     The board can also organize a one day boat tour to visit the Biological Research Station Mosquices Dos, located on one of the most distant "cayos" at the Gran Roque. During the visit the biological station will be escorted by a guide that will give you a tour of marine turtles incubator. If you want to stay on land, a special objective is Gran Roque lighthouse, the oldest on the coast of Venezuela, but the visit is recommended for late afternoon so you can enjoy the sunset.

     Day 13-14: Los Roques - Caracas - home
     Flight back to Caracas and home.

    The price includes:

    • Airfare for domestic and international flights
    • Airport taxes
    • Transfers + automobiles
    • English - French speaking guide throughout the journey
    • Accommodation in double room (the hotel)
    • Meals (HB)

    Price does not include:

    • Entrance fees to museums and reserves
    • Supplement for single room 350 euros
    • Other activities than those included in the program
    • Other meals than those included in program

    Price is calculated for the EUR / USD <= 1.35.
    Price is calculated for individual registration in terms of forming a group of minimum 6 people.
    For group registrations (more than 4 people) - special offers.

  • Price details
  • Venezuela Map

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